"If it grows in Elmore,
                 it will grow where you are"

Elmore Roots Workshops 2017



Examples of our

Elmore Roots Workshops 2016

Workshops are on Sundays at Elmore Roots Nursery, LLC
(1 1/2 miles off rt 12 OR 4 1/2 miles off rt 15)

Companion Planting with Wine Cap Mushrooms Sunday, August 28th

10 a.m. - Noon Price is $15

"Wine Cap (Stropharia rugosa-annulata) is a natural soil builder and weed suppressor which makes it the perfect fungi for companion planting. It is also known to reduce parasitic nematodes and filter Coliform bacteria. Join the MoTown Mushrooms team on this hands-on demonstration that will teach you how to incorporate this amazing specimen into your current set up, to end up with not only extra happy plants and healthy soil, but with scrumptious gourmet mushrooms. All materials are included and we will send you home with a bag of substrate to plant your own."

All you need to know about how to grow fruit trees and berries successfully everywhere in Vermont! Sunday, August 21st

1:00 - 3:30 p.m. $10

Pruning and restoring your old apple trees: Sunday April 17th

1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Ever wonder how to get your old apple trees to look better and be healthier? Patrick Sullivan of Ananda Gardens will take you though the steps. The best pruning tools and organic plant foods will be available for purchase at the nursery

Pruning Apple Trees: Sunday April 10th

1:00 - 4:00 p.m. - Workshop taught by Patrick Sullivan of Ananda Gardens will include pruning and training young fruit trees and restoring old apple trees. The best pruning tools and organic tree foods will be available for purchase at the nursery.

About Ananda Gardens

Ananda means bliss. We named our gardens after our baby daughter. We are committed to a healthy lifestyle so we can enjoy the gift of life, and we want to share that with our community! Together we grow a diverse variety of vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. Our products are at the Waitsfield farmers market and throughout Montpelier. We also design and build edible home gardens, and teach workshops to bring access to resources and knowledge for people to succeed in their organic gardening goals.

Cost and Registration:

all workshops $10 registration fee; Please call (802-888-3305) or email fruitpal@elmoreroots.com to register.

What you'll need:

Please be sure to wear warm clothes and boots! Even if it is warm in your part of Vermont, you can be sure that it will be much colder at Elmore Roots.

Elmore Roots will be well-stocked with the best Silky saws, pruning shears, loppers and extension pole pruners!

Coming soon to a hillside near you
(at Elmore Roots)
Three on-farm workshops, check back here for dates and times:

Designing and laying out your own home orchard and berry patch

Growing your own perennial vegetables with for beauty, homegrown food and as companion planting for your fruit trees

100% organic management of your fruit trees and berries

All workshops cost $10, payable at the beginning of the workshop.

Please call or email to reserve your space fruitpal@elmoreroots.com