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The Land of the Lesser Known Fruits

The first six are native to Vermont


2 or more for best fruit production. Plant 4-6’ apart.

Old time Vermonters say they never get colds in the winter, sipping Elderberry juice from the freezer. Easy to grow with big harvests and a songbird’s favorite. Can even grow in moist areas. Black leaf is European elderberry.

They can reach 8 feet high or so and thrive even where it is quite moist. You will need to plant two different varieties to get a nice crop. In spring, the large but cascading branches are covered with creamy blossoms. The fruit is very good for you.

Bob Gordon
Berry Hill
Black European

$35,$55 and sometimes larger sizes may be available



Self fruitful, but planting 2 diferent varieties will produce a lot more fruit. Plant 6-10’ apart.

Also known as Shad or Serviceberry or Amelanchier, these very tasty, super hardy, fruits are blueberry-like without the tartness. They are the frst tree to fower in the spring. A rainbow of fall color makes these 10- 18’ mature height small trees or tall shrubs worth trying. Juneberries can also grow in partial shade and heavier soils.

They are very good in cereal. They start out changing colors from green to red and red to purple. That’s when you eat them. You need two different named selections or two seedlings to get fruit. Some grow as a bush, and some as a small tree. The tree form can take some shade and some moisture. They are often the 1st tree to flower in the spring. In the fall, they turn red and purple and flutter in the breeze…

Native Juneberry
Princess Diana
Regent Saskatoon
Autumn Brilliance
Robin Hill
Martin Saskatoon
Tree Form
Smoky Saskatoon

"Robin Hill "(tree form)


$35,$55 and sometimes larger sizes may be available


Cranberries trail along the ground, even in moist low-ph earth. Self fruitful, large delicious red fruit in the Fall. No need for a bog. Plant them in acid well-drained soil. Watch them run and make large succulent dark red berries in time for those autumn feasts.


$29 buy 5 and get one free

American Highbush Cranberries

Grows as a large bush and often holds its bright red berries all winter into spring. After a frost , they are edible but better blended with apples to make a sauce or jam.

They are not related to real cranberries, but the color and flavor suggests a similarity.

Highbush cranberries like sun and can grow where it is very moist for they have an interesting root system that can take it. They can reach about 8 feet high and wide if they like their environment. Self fruitful.

$35,$55 and sometimes larger sizes may be available




Grows as a bush with a mature height of about 4-6 feet and 4 feet wide. Self fruitful. Can grow even in moist soils, summer fruit is great for jam or juice(you find it in many kid’s juices nowadays) white flowers in spring and best red fall color. Self fruitful. Plant 3-5’ apart in sun or shade.

$35,$55 and sometimes larger sizes may be available



Wild Raisin Viburnum

is one of our favorites at elmore roots. The buds look like pelicans about to take off. Large clusters of white flowers in spring are followed by blue-black flat fruits that taste like spice cake. It’s self fruitful and stays a small compact tree 6-8 ft.

There is not much juice to them, but they are nice to suck on while taking a walk…In the fall, the foliage turns red and purple. It seems to be happy in dry or wet areas, which makes it one of our heroes!

$35,$55 and sometimes larger sizes may be available


Joy Bush Cherries

makes large, red cherries in September after the birds are not looking for them anymore. Self- fruitful. Makes large delicious cherries.

$35 and $55 sizes


Nanking Bush Cherries

Spring flower show followed by lots of small plump edible red cherries. Need two for fruit.

$35 and $55 sizes



Mongolian Bush Cherries - SOLD OUT

Carmine Jewel and Crimson Passion are from Canada and make a superb dark purple jam. Plant one of each for pollination. Good fresh! Excellent fresh off the bush! Only gets 6 feet tall.

$35 and $55 sizes



Mini cranberries with a lot of flavor from Sweden, they like the same conditions as blueberries. Self fruitful. Plant 1’ apart.

2 gallon $29

Buy 5 and get one free

Cornelian Cherry

From Russia with love, this large bush bears hundreds of elongated very tasty “cherries” used in almost everything in Russia: syrups, jams, and ice cream toppings and more.


These are the 1” fruits of the rugosa rose that are high in vitamin c. They make fruit soup from them in Scandinavia - at Elmore Roots we make a rosehip plum jam. Self fruitful. Plant 2-3’ apart. Self fruitful. Plant 2-3’ apart

$25 or $35 sizes


Plant 2 for fruit. Plant 6-10’ apart. Native from southern Vermont to Michigan. This exotic fruit can be grown out of the wind and on the edge of a field.

$35 size


Imagine an apple size tree filled with mellow
seedless blackberries in summer. Often bears very soon after planting.. Self fruitful. Plant 25’ apart. Self fruitful. Plant 25’ apart

5 gal $75, 10 gal $150



Heirloom colonial fruit thriving in southern VT. tastes a little like spiced apple pie after allowing a “bletting” period.

5 gal $75, 10 gal $150



First berry of the season! A delicious edible honeysuckle for northern climates from Siberia and North Japan. Non-Invasive! It’s Leslie’s new favorite. Nice to eat fresh or fantastic for jam!

$35 and $55 sizes



Hardy Russian cultivar makes it easier for us to grow. Our quince trees have been fruiting every year and you can eat them straight off the tree-they are so fragrant! A classic fruit for the home orchard

5 gal $75, 10 gal $150


This thorny superhardy bush grows wild in Asia and the British Isles. Prized for its juicy very orange berries and life giving properties for centuries. new selections have larger, less tart fruit. highly productive in a short time. sometimes referred to as the Siberian orange ....male and female plants needed for pollination.

$35 and $55 sizes


Edible mountain ash/pear cross from Eastern Europe.

5 gal $75, 10 gal $150


Tasty Crabapples

Crisp and full of many flavors, abundant and easy to grow Kerr, Chestnut, and Centennial varieties. Heavenly spring flower show.

5 gal $75, 10 gal $150



Native delectible fruit for sheltered spot with good sun to ripen. Seedlings from Michigan and “Meader”



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