"If it grows in Elmore,
                 it will grow where you are"

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It’s easy to grow pears around here if you start with the right varieties for our climate. They put on quite a flower show and have less challenges than apples. They can live 200 years. They produce juicy succulent fruit in abundance... from mid August through early October.

Dessert/Column A

Parker* Excellent for fresh eating and cooking, reddish in late summer. Leaves purple in fall.
Patten* Very large succulent fruits in late September for fresh eating, etc.

Luscious* Large, juicy sweet yellow pear, ripening in mid to late September from South Dakota. Nice fall leaf color. Closest to a Bosc Pear.

Flemish Beauty Heirloom, many uses, generations have loved its juiciness and flavor.

Greensboro An Elmore Roots introduction from a ‘wild’ productive tree with delicious fruit.

Manning Miller Delicious yellow pear. One of the few self fruitful ones. Abundant crops.
Maxi Rare european asian cross, that demonstrates hardiness and precociousness

Seckel small abundant sweet pears for warmer parts of vermont

Stacey Abundant fruit late in August with excellent favor, keeps about a week. Easy to grow & fruits early in life.

Nova A russeted pear, sweet, crisp, ripens mid September.

Summercrisp* Crispy, juicy slicer, big harvests in August. Wonderful favor! Can eat firm (like an Asian Pear) or as it ripens and gets tender and ‘melting’
Waterville™ An Elmore Roots introduction known for its hardiness and fruit quality. Discovered growing in an old orchard in Waterville, VT. Yellow & sweet.

Siberian / Column B

David or Olia Very hardy & disease resistant, bears early, excellent for sauce or jam. Not recommended for fresh eating. Bountiful harvests and wonderful flower show.

Ure* or Early Gold The best of the Siberians for fresh eating.
Closest to a Seckel Pear

It’s best to choose two from Column A & 1 from Column B for best fruit production. All Column B selections are extremely hardy & excellent pollinators. If you only have room for 2, & live in a warmer part of Vermont, stick to the Column A varieties.

2-3 diferent varieties for pollination. Plant 20-25’ apart.

$75, $150* & $250* sizes.
* Available in bearing age size.

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