"If it grows in Elmore,
                 it will grow where you are"

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These grapes like a sandy gravelly loam & lots of sun. They like to grow along a stone wall, a southern side of a building, or trellised on wires or a fence. The toughest ones can go up an arbor or over a doorway. Most of our varieties have seeds (seedless are usually less hardy) & unbeatable favor not found in stores. Come see & taste ours in September, or our famous Green Mountain Grape Jam anytime. Northern wine producing books are available in our store.

W=Excellent for wine making; C=Concord type grape

Bluebell Excellent favor, early September ripening, wonderful translucence. (C)

Kay Gray White, late August, for juice and fresh eating with superb favor. (W)

King of the North Prolifc, super hardy, blue Concord-like grape, bears early in life. (W) (C)

Louise Swenson Table grape, or makes a fne white wine. (W)

Marquette Red wine grape which does very well in Minnesota . (W)

Sabrevois A red grape that Quebec has built its wine industry around. (W) (C)

Somerset Seedless New super hardy seedless, small light red grape with big favor.

Husky 2 gallon size, $25.
Home Vineyard Package: Buy 5, get 1 free.

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