"If it grows in Elmore,
                 it will grow where you are"

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Pie Cherries taste like cherry pie right of the tree but are not as sweet. Abundant light pink blossoms in the spring. Self fruitful (you only need one to get fruit, but you’ll wish you had more).

Bali Vigorous grower with large fruit from Alberta, Canada. Delicious & plentiful. Excellent frozen (with pits removed). To 10’

Mesabi Somewhere between a sour & sweet cherry from Minnesota.

Meteor Naturally small tree, bright red fruits, excellent favor. To 10’

Montmorency 600-year old variety from France, tree can get large, but usually doesn’t in our climate. The classic great tasting sour cherry fruit. To 15’

North Star Naturally small tree from Minnesota, red fesh, great favor. To 8’

Not all sizes are available for each variety
$75, $150* & $250* sizes.

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