"If it grows in Elmore,
                 it will grow where you are"

Instant Fruit Grove (just add water*)

3 Apple Trees, 3 Pear Trees, 3 Plums, 1 Pie Cherry
Get 4th Plum as a free bonus
11 Trees Total

1) You select the size tree you’d like.
2) You pick up, or:
3) Add $1.25/mile roundtrip for truck delivery.
4) Add $35/tree for a 20 qt bag of our organic successful tree mineral planting mix, tree paint to prevent sunscald, deer repellent clips, kelp meal, and liquid seaweed for transplanting success.

Why our trees & shrubs do so well at your place:

With our 30 years of testing what does well in our Northern Vermont climate (and what doesn’t), we only sell varieties that have proven themselves to do well here. We propagate many of our plants from our own orchards. We graft our fruit trees onto the hardiest rootstock known. Our trees & shrubs grow slowly and steadily, so they’ll continue to grow surely and well-balanced at your place. We know fruit trees, berries, and nut trees. Our knowledgeable crew has worked more than 100 years (combined) growing fruits and nuts in the north country. Our nursery is a certified organic farm. Our plants are healthy and ready to grow at your place under your natural care. Our trees and shrubs know Vermont winter and they know they can come out the other side even stronger. Many of our fruit trees will grow and produce for 100+ years. You can’t get fruit that tastes this good in stores!!!

** We count on you to keep your new trees watered and to understand that nobody can tell you exactly when your trees will bear fruit.

There are many factors such as late spring frosts and pollinator activity that influence fruit production. In our experience, the larger the tree you purchase from us, the sooner you get fruit.

Members of:

North American Fruit Explorers
NOFA Vermont
Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers Association
Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association
Vermont Hardy Plant Club

Sizes are approximate and there are limited quantities of the Bearing Age size.