"If it grows in Elmore,
                 it will grow where you are"

Elmore Roots Native Plant List

   This chart is to help you learn about some native plants that can be grown in our area and some of their characteristics.

   We do not grow all of these at Elmore Roots but we always have some of them in stock. Feel free to ask for what you are interested in and let us know what your criteria are. We can help you find a good match.

Native Plants List
Plant Climate requirements Mature Ht Comments
Bunchberry, Cornus canadensis shade 4-8" Large white flowers, red fruits
Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens Shade, acid 2-4" Shiny, evergreen leaves, red fruit
American Bittersweet, Celastrus scandens Shade Vine Orange fruit for decoration
Virginia creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia Shade Vine Fruit for wild birds, fast growing
Clematis Shaded roots Vine Abundant Flowers
Swamp Azalea, Rhododendron viscosum Wet, acid, sun to partial shade 6-10' Fragrant white flowers
Elderberry Wet 6-10' Large white flower clusters; high vitamin purple fruit
Blueberry, highbush acid soil 3-8' Fruit and flowers and rainbow fall foliage
Arrowwood, Viburnum dentatum Sun and partial shade 6-8' White flowers, Wildlife food, adaptable
American Highbush Cranberry,
Viburnum trilobum Wet, shade 8-10' White flowers, red fruit Sept-Dec, Fruit for wildlife
Speckled Alder, Alnus rugosa Wet 10-25' Fixes nitrogen, wildlife cover and holds stream banks
Juneberry Shade 8-10' White flowers, purple blueberry-like fruits in June or July, outstanding fall color
Pagoda Dogwood, Cornus alternifolia Sun or partial shade 10-20' White flowers, purple fruit, fall color
Winterberry, Ilex verticillata Wet 5-10' Red fruit in winter (Need male and female to produce fruit)
Northern Bayberry, Myrica pensylvanica Dry, salt-tolerant 6-8' Fragrant leaves, waxy fruit for birds (Need male and female to produce fruit)
Hazelbert (Filbert), Corylus americana Dry, Sun or shade 6-9' Wildlife food
Flowering Raspberry, Rubus odoratus Sun or shade 3-5' Large purple flowers and red fruits
Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa Wet or Dry 3-6' Red foliage in fall; wild bird food
Steeplebush, Spirea tomentosa Dry or Wet 2-4' Pink flowers, grows anywhere
Meadowsweet, Spirea latifolia Dry 2-4' White flowers, very adaptable
Potentilla, Dry 2-3' White or yellow flowers all season
Cranberry (lowbush), Wet, shade 2-6" Large cranberries for many uses.
Blueberry (Lowbush) 12-18" Well-drained, acidic soil high in organic matter
Rose, Rosa palustris Wet 4-6' Pink flowers, red fruit
Virginia Rose, Rosa virginiana Dry 3-6' Pink flowers, red fruit
Hawthorns Dry 10-25' White flowers, red fruit
Witchhazel, Hamamelis virginiana Shade or sun 10-25' Yellow flowers in fall
American Plum Dry 8-15' Abundant white flowers, red fruit
Chokecherry Sun or partial shade 10-20' White flowers, red or purple fruit, for song birds
Staghorn Sumac, Rhus typhina Dry 10-25' Covers banks, birdfood, amazing orange red fall color
Smooth Sumac, Rhus glabra Dry 8-15'
Pussy Willow, Salix discolor Wet, sun 10-20' Force new stems for catkins in early spring
Wild Raisin, Viburnum lentago Shade or Sun 8-15' White flowers, blue-black fruit, purple-red fall foliage
Redosier dogwood, Cornus sericea Wet 5-8' Red stems in winter, wild bird fruits
White Cedar, Arborvitae Sun or Partial Shade 20-35' Fragrant twigs, great nesting site
White Ash Sun 100' Purple fall foliage
Red Maple Sun, wet 100' Red fall foliage
Sugar Maple Sun 100' Yellow or Orange foliage
Moosewood Maple, Acer pennsylvanium Partial shade 35' Yellow foliage, striped bark
Black Locust Sun 70' Fragrant flowers
Tamarack/Larch Sun, Wet 60'
Bur Oak Sun 70' The hardiest oak, wildlife feasts
Pin Oak Sun 70'
Red Oak Sun 70'
Birch - White, gray, or yellow Sun 30’
Apples Sun 15-25' Fragrant flowers and edible fruit
American Mountain Ash Sun 20-30' White flowers, orange-red berries for wild birds
Jerusalem Artichokes Sun 6-8' Chocolate scented yellow sunflowers; in fall, edible tubers.
Excellent along road where snow will be piled-
comes up again from roots each spring. Good under roof eaves.