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At a glance...



Would like another of a different variety to produce fruit


3-6 feet between plants, 10-12 feet between rows

PH : 6-6.8

Watering :

Keep soil moist throughout the first season of planting.


None is necessary. Generally once established the thick planting will suppress weeds on its own. If you choose to cultivate around the plants be careful not to disturb their roots, which are often close to the soil surface.

The details...

Elderberries are a vigorous plant, producing long shoots from the soil level one season and bearing fruit the next. These are removed every few years after bearing and replaced by the current year's growth (much like summer bearing raspberries). This aspect makes the plant easy to prune and maintain as a bush. Large fruit clusters ripen in August and September after flowering in June. Both the flowers and the berries are medicinal. The berries make wonderful jam or wine. Elderberry plants are generally free of pests. Birds though absolutely love the berries and you may have to battle for the fruit if your planting is discovered...maybe just plant a few extra and there will be enough for everyone!

Elderberries can thrive is a variety of soils. They can even handle or thrive in moister locations. Plants can produce copiously for 20-30 years!


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Text by Effie Elfer - Fruit Drawings by Gabe Tempesta
Text and fruit drawings © 2009 Elmore Roots

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