"If it grows in Elmore,
                 it will grow where you are"


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Our Guarantee

Your partner:

Come be part of our small farm family where we are doing the right things:

1) paying fair wages to our knowledgeable crew (most who have been here for over ten years)
2) sharing farm profits when there are some
3) having on-farm educational workshops
4) donating plants and time to local schools and organizations
5) using recycled paper for our catalogs
6) recycling plastic pots by starting with higher quality ones and using them again and again
7) by using solar lights near our store and walkways
8) using rechargeable electric carts to transport plants
9) cover cropping our fields and between rows
10) being a certified organic farm since 1988
11) testing nearly every plant on our hillside before we sell it
12) studying and learning each year so we can share our best discoveries with you
13) taking the time our customers need for explaining our successful planting methods and answering questions.
14) planting seeds of our most promising plums, apricots, nuts and peaches to develop even better and hardier ones.

You are invited back to taste the harvest.

Your purchases and kind words help to support six families, our organic farm, hardy plant research in Northern Vermont and help build our local community.

two guys with beards who love trees...
david fried and his longtime friend and mentor bill mackentley

Two guys with beards who love trees...
David Fried and his longtime friend and mentor Bill Mackentley


Chipmunk with pots

Planting nuts gathered in the Fall to start new trees
Elmore Roots crew from left to right: Navah, Sarah, David, Tobie, Leslie, Mary and Jessica - photo by Jeff Farber